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Made in Italy Leather Elite Design Furniture Set with Headboard Light
Furniture Designed in Italy
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Made in Italy Leather Elite Design Furniture Set with Headboard Light

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Furniture Designed in Italy Looking for furniture that is both versatile and attractive? The platform bed has a headboard that is done in leather with a few extra features. The look is straight lines and functionality. The edges of the headboard have reading led lights and two usb ports each. The bed itself has a very sleek appearance. It feels very European in its stark simplicity and height. That simplicity works in the bed's favor, allowing it to blend seamlessly with many different styles of room and bedroom furniture. The bed is beautifully combined with the other pieces of the collection. The nightstand features two drawers for storage space. The nightstand also has a very curvy appearance and looks very nice near the bed. The dresser features four drawers for storage space. The dresser also has a very wavy appearance. The mirror features large viewing surface and no frame. The bed is available in Queen and King sizes. The collection brings the modern crisp atmosphere to your bedroom.

Wood furniture represents a significant investment in many homes. To maintain its beauty and help it last, wood furniture needs regular and proper care. Our wood furniture is finished with a fine varnish. It has no gloss. The finish adds to the beauty of the wood and protects it. No finish is totally indestructible, but with regular care it will last much longer. Providing years of satisfaction and enjoyment. Wood furniture should be dusted as often as needed using the clean cloth. The cloth can be washed repeatedly and still retain its effectiveness. It is also more efficient and convenient than spray products. Feather dusters scatter the dust particles into the air, which then resettle back on your furniture.

Donít use ammonia- or bleach-based cleaners to clean leather. They can damage the finish and cause the leather to get excessively dry or even crack. Donít use too much water, either, as it can stain leather. Clean spills on the leather headboard immediately with a soft cloth. Leather is porous and will absorb liquids, causing a stain to form. Leather can also scratch, so keep sharp objects away from it.

  • Design is inspired by one of the most basic shapes in geometry
  • The set consists of Queen platform bed, 2 nightstands and dresser w/matching mirror
  • Manufactured in Italy
  • Specially positioned legs which make it look like bedís floating off the ground
  • Lights on the sides of the headboard
  • Tan leather upholstery with brown accent and strong designer stitching
  • Wood grain walnut finish
  • Contrasting headboard has calming feel and makes spaces look open and bright
  • BLUM motion mechanism for drawers with soft-close effect
  • Half-mooní motif and multiple curves
  • Optional 5-drawer chest
  • Option to change the dresser with mirror for a vanity table
  • Storage space in the pouf (top opens)
  • Clean design makes it a perfect fit for any home setting
  • Create a place where you can relax and get away from everything
  • Queen: 68" W X 88" D X 41" H
  • King: 76" W X 88" D X 41" H
  • Nightstand: 24" W X 19" D X 15" H
  • Dresser: 48" W X 22" D X 29" H
  • Mirror: 43" W X 1" D X 28" H
  • Chest: 24" W X 19" D X 42" H
  • Vanity dresser: 52" W X 20" D X 34" H
  • Pouf: 24" W X 24" D X 21" H
  • Bench: 55" W X 16" D X 18" H
  • 2-door wardrobe: 37" W X 24" D X 90" H
  • 3-door wardrobe: 55" W X 24" D X 90" H
  • 4-door wardrobe: 73" W X 24" D X 90" H

Since 1983 CAMELGROUP has manufactured and exported all over the world

The Brand Name CAMELGROUP is now well known and enjoys considerable reputation with the major furniture dealers in the world.

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The sizes we provide for each item are overall, meaning the measurements include the outside dimensions. For example, if the width of the Queen bed states 110" that means it is the width of the headboard as that will be the widest part of the bed. The following are sizes of the mattress itself:

  • Twin mattress 38" width x 75" length
  • Full-size beds 54" width x 75" length
  • Queen-size is 60" width x 80" length
  • King size 76" width x 80" length
  • California King 72" width x 84" length
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Made in Italy Leather Elite Design Furniture Set with Headboard Light

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