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100% made in Italy furniture sharing worldwide our Italian style

STATUS is a young and dynamic company, but with a consolidate experience in the design, production and sale of Italian furniture. Located in North East Italy, close to Venice, STATUS is the result of an Innovative Project, developed by a team of highly skilled professionals with a deep knowledge of the latest production techniques and market trends.

Our strength? With more than twenty years of experience in the production of furniture and furnishings, cutting-edge technological know-how and constant market and consumer research projects, these are our key greatest strengths. All of these have enabled us to export the STATUS brand and product all over the world. Constant collaboration with architects and external designers along with the use of high precision machinery enables STATUS to produce the greatest quality furniture. All of this is reflected in an attractive price-quality ratio accessible to all, and enables STATUS to keep pace with current market trends and changes.

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Catalogs: Garcia Sabate, luxurious furniture Every single item is the result of the passion and of the diligence of our designers who are constantly involved in the sustainable development of innovative models. The company selects the highest quality materials, taking advantage of cutting edge technology in order to create and spread the Italian Design, results of a long cultural tradition, which has its historical roots in one of the most important furniture industrial districts: the furniture district of North-East Italy. Every stage of our production system ensures respect for the environment and for the customer’s health.

Many of the bedrooms and dining rooms are in stock at our warehouse in New York and available for immediate delivery. We get all other other special orders delivered within 10-11 weeks on average.

Our mission consists in the development and production of 100% Made in Italy furniture sharing worldwide our Italian style, which has always been synonymous with Quality, Innovation and stylish Design. Made in Italy, it is not just a geographical indication: it is the result of Italian ingenuity, experience, passion and culture. Abitare il Made in Italy, literally “Live the Made Italy”, this indicates our company’s philosophy which inspires all of our creations: STATUS furniture is 100% conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy by accurately selecting the top finest components and raw materials from the best Italian suppliers.

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