Shipping and Tax Information

Are you worried about shipping charges when ordering your new furniture from the convenience of your home? Worry no more! There is FREE SHIPPING on all furniture products on our website - that's one less thing for you to worry about.

International orders are subject to additional shipping charges based on the size and weight of the item and the delivery location. For overseas shipping, please contact us via email or call us at
1-800-691-8191 for an international rate quote.

Free shipping on all items within the contiguous 48 states (limitations apply)
We do not charge sales tax in the USA. We do charge import tax in Canada

* brokerage fee applies for sales in Canada


Curb Side Shipping Of course, you want your new furniture delivered as fast as possible - we can ship your order in 2-5 business days so you get it in only 1-2 weeks. We have established strong relationships with some of the best delivery companies nationwide. Therefore, we will ship your order using the fastest, safest, and most reliable method possible. If the product is a special order item, transit time from the manufacturer to your home can vary, but in most cases takes from 11-13 weeks.

Each product on our site has an estimated delivery time and every piece has been carefully selected to ship by a particular shipping method to provide you with an optimal delivery experience. Using our customer-direct program, where the order is picked up from the closest warehouse on the West or East coast and brought to the customer, Prime Classic Design reduced the transportation time frame.

For your convenience we offer Basic Delivery and Premium Delivery services. Basic shipping includes curb-side delivery to your shipping address, meaning the merchandise will not be brought inside your house or business. Your furniture will arrive on a wooden pallet (skid) to prevent "manhandling" which is the most common cause of damage to furniture.

Premium delivery includes delivery inside your residence. We recommend this service if furniture you are ordering is oversize. These items are require at least two people. The service includes placement in customers' room of choice, unpacking and debris removal. Some exceptions may apply.

All Prime Classic Design customers will be contacted via e-mail and/or phone to arrange for order delivery, regardless of the delivery method or carrier.

Basic Delivery: Included
USA free shipping coverage:
  • curb side delivery to your house, apartment or office building
  • within continental 48 states only
  • does not apply for Hawaii and Alaska
  • East and West coast delivery - 1-2 weeks
  • due to our coastal locations, shipping time to Midwest region,
    West South Central and Mountain US divisions - 2-3 weeks

We are branching out and will be opening soon our third big location in Miami area. This South Atlantic warehouse point will cover FL and GA states and help us to fulfill many orders within the closest four states (North and South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama). As our CA and NY warehouse, this facility will be a commercial place and will not allow visitors or private buyers. It will be used for storing, shipping and distributing purposes only.


When your order ships, we will notify you via email. Included in your email will be a tracking number for your shipment, the phone number of the delivery company, and information about the delivery process. We encourage you to track your order over the phone with the carrier. When the shipment gets to your state, you will be contacted over the phone and the delivery day could be scheduled then. Most companies offer appointment windows, usually 2-4 hours, between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday. You will be responsible for carrying the product from the truck to your house.

If you are ordering a very large item, please keep in mind that you may need a couple of people to help unload it.

Alternatively, we offer additional Premium Delivery to help you move items from the truck into your house. It is a free service. However, any additional services such as carrying more than two floors, re-delivery / re-consignment and warehousing for a long time or stocking fees, which are charged by the shipping company, will be the customer's responsibility. For example, if you were not at home when the delivery was scheduled and the freight company has to return with your order, a second delivery fee may apply based on the carrier. Be sure to contact us if anything seems unusual with the shipment's progress.

Premium Delivery: FFREE

Premium Delivery includes inside placement and basic set-up
This service level provides delivery inside your residence and placing items into the room you choose. The service includes carrying the product up to three flights of stairs from the building threshold (e.g. second floor bedroom). Once the product is in the room you desire, the shipper can help to inspect the product. This service does not include putting furniture together.

Premium Delivery does not include insurance for you building, additional charges may apply depending on your building regulations. To add Premium service to the order, please request it during checkout; we will contact you with the options for your area (does not cover all states and areas). For all USA customers, the option is now available during the checkout process.

So what we do:

  • we send professional(s) to provide hassle-free service
  • we break the shipment down and bring the merchandise inside the room box by box
  • we deliver the order in the room of your choice (apt. building, house, office)
  • can help to unpack the boxes and wait until you inspect your furniture for damages
  • help to remove boxes and debris per request if there is a place for it around your home for disposal

We recommend this service, especially if the products you are ordering are oversize (such as bedrooms, big dining rooms, living room furniture, etc.), too fragile (entertainment centers, TV stands), or need extra-delicate handling and care when delivering into your residence. There are extra charges if we have to walk up with your furniture for more than two flights.

It is still the customer's responsibility to open packages fully and make sure the merchandise arrives in good condition. Delivery personnel must have a clear pathway to the room where the merchandise will be placed to ensure safe and damage-free delivery. Please be prepared by removing any protruding wall hangings or accent pieces that may pose difficulties. Our delivery crew does not take any old furniture away.


Although it rarely happens, if there is any damage, by indicating the nature of damage in writing all parties then have proof of delivery documentation and the issue can then be easily addressed and resolved. Resolving freight claims against carriers depends largely on your cooperation. You must thoroughly inspect all packages and boxes when they are delivered. This ensures that if there is any damage, it will be easy for all parties to take care of the problem. Failure to do so bars the customer from recovery for undiscovered damages.

As per the policies and regulations of the freight companies, shipping liability is transferred to the customer once goods are delivered and signed for. Please do not automatically assume that the contents of your packages are undamaged simply because the boxes appear intact. Even if the truck driver is impatient or rushed, please remember that this transfer of liability is taking place, making the customer ultimately responsible for undiscovered damages. You must report any damage by e-mail to within 24 hours of receipt.


If you refuse delivery of the item when it reaches your home or place of business, you will be charged for all shipping costs. Please note that orders can only be canceled before they ship. If you refuse an order, it will fall under our standard return policy, which is subject to a deduction of round-trip shipping from your refund. We cannot cancel an order unless we receive your request in writing and before shipment. We also cannot cancel or change a special order (e.g. upholstery, color) 48 hours after the order was placed.

Limited Access Areas

We sometimes run into areas around the country where our trucks cannot travel due to physical limitations or legal restrictions on vehicle size. In order for us to complete these deliveries, we must rent a smaller truck to accommodate the situation. When this occurs, we will notify you of the situation and give you a new quote for delivery based on the extra expenses we will incur due to the limitations. If you are unhappy with the quote, we can cancel the order.

Remote Locations Restrictions

Living in the countryside allows you to enjoy fewer people, greener surroundings and a slower pace of life. Despite all these benefits, shipping our furniture to an isolated or remote location is a little more complicated than in residential or metro areas. Some items cannot be shipped to certain locations. Some urban locations around the country cannot be covered by our trucks, even if they are densely populated. We apologize that we are unable to provide you with all of the destinations of these less accessible domestic areas and islands. If a product cannot be shipped to your home or office, a notification email will be sent to you with the details.

Lead Time

To satisfy our customers' demand, we do our best to shorten the total lead time. We have made many adjustments to our workflow so that our cycle time fits your expectations. Nonetheless, each lead time varies based on many different factors. Some of our warehouses stock items that can be shipped within 1-2 days. Other items, especially big items like bedroom sets or living room sets, require a longer preparation time (e.g. 2-4 days). It also depends on where you live and where the item you are ordering is located. Some products are marked as "special order items" that increase shipping time up to 12 weeks or even 16 weeks. Please refer to the product's page to get the estimated lead time for your item.

Stock Guarantee

Effective inventory management is essential for ensuring our store has enough stock on hand to meet your demand. We update the inventory every 48 hours. From time to time, we stock about 60-80% of wholesale furniture in inventory, counting over 10,000 items in different styles, colors and sizes. We will be getting in contact with you within 24 hours if the product is out of stock or require a longer shipping period. Customers with orders placed on weekends will be contacted on the next business day.

Prime Classic Design Inc. reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this policy and other policies and agreements at any time and in any manner. Notice of any revision, amendment, or modification will be posted here and will only apply to information collected after any such change.

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