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It takes a skilled artisan designer to create furniture for the bedroom that can establish just the right modern ambiance, with energetic lines and forms that revive and refresh in the morning and soothing colors and textures that provide a relaxing atmosphere at night. Prime Classic Design offers a wide selection of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese bedroom furniture to suit your home needs.

Our European designer bed sets collection covers a variety of styles, finishes and materials. The bedroom furniture, modern bedroom suites and luxury master bedroom suites below are priced as groups, however, you can mix and match the pieces for a custom collection.


Not nearly enough attention is paid to selecting contemporary bedroom furniture. Most people spend six to eight hours each day in their bedroom and yet, it is one of the most over-looked areas of the home. Buying furniture for your bedroom is most often a large purchase, therefore you will want to be sure that you choose something you really like and are going to continue to enjoy for years to come. We offer many styles of contemporary and elite bedroom furniture for you to choose from. Buy just a modern platform bed or complete contemporary master bedroom suite in one click!

Buying Guide

    What is a platform bed?

Bedroom Sets Furniture CollectionWhen shopping for a new bed you're often provided with many options. The beds we offer are designed to be a convenient option to keep you from you extra expenses.

We have complete beds which means the structure usually consist of a headboard, two side rails, footboard and a slat support system - a place to rest your mattress. That's where platform bed frames come in with their slat systems which are designed for just that. Providing support for almost any brand of mattress and helping to meet the warranty requirements of those mattresses without having to use a boxspring.

Did you know the average boxspring unit costs anywhere from $250 to $400 per foundation? All our practical designs eliminate the need for a boxspring. No more boxsprings. Just a mattress. So instead of buying a headboard, buying a floor rail system and buying a boxspring unit all you need to do is invest in a single platform bed and save.

    Which bed size is best for you?

Mattress Size Bedroom SetsThe answer really depends on you and the mattress' intended implementation. Sometimes purchasing a new bed means getting a new size. Make sure there is plenty of room for you and your sleeping partner, especially if one of you tends to move a lot throughout the night.

The dimensions we provide for our beds are overall, meaning it is including the bed's frame and headboard. So if they look unusual, please keep in mind that it measures outside the mattress area.

Actual mattress' sizes:

  • Twin beds (38" width x 75" length) are great for younger children. However, for most people, a twin mattress is too small.

  • Full-size beds (53" width x 75" length) are a popular choice for guest bedrooms, small-sized single sleepers, and young to teenaged people, but not really enough for two.

  • Queen-size mattresses (60" width x 80" length) are optimal for guest rooms, couples who enjoy sleeping in a close proximity, and single sleepers who appreciate the extra room.

  • King size (76" width x 80" length) or also known as Eastern King, can easily accommodate two people. A king mattress is the best choice for couples who don't have to worry about space in their bedroom.

  • California King (72" width x 84" length) will be best if you're tall and your toes hanging off the end of your mattress, then a Cal King might be what you're looking for. You gain inches in length, and you'll hardly notice the inches you lose in width.

    Why choose a bedroom set?

Bedroom Sets Furniture CollectionThe main point when buying your bedroom as a set is taking advantage of the low package prices. A bedroom set is a collection of same design items - case goods, on the whole matching the bed.

Once you have determined which style you like, you will be pleased to see that bedroom sets come with four, five and even six pieces all in the same coordinating style. Included in the set may be a dresser, mirror, nightstands, chest of drawers, bench, wardrobe. Rather than hunting for matching drawers, we offer the option to purchase complete bedroom sets. The bedroom collections we represent usually include two nightstands and dresser with mirror.

There are so many options to choose from, you are sure to find something you like.

Luxury and High End Collection

We offer an excellent selection of platform bed frames and set collections that are stylish and affordable. Designer platform beds including Japanese style, Italian made leather beds, complete platform bed sets, elite luxurious beds, and contemporary master bedrooms with

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Platform beds come with a support system so there's no need for a boxspring. They are perfect to be used with memory foam mattress or conventional bed mattress. Most beds have matching bedroom furniture available including nightstands, chests, armoire, dressers, and more to complete your room. Choose from our selection of Full size platform beds, Queen size platform beds, and King size beds.

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