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Here we offer quality modern sectional sofas and sectional with chaise sets, sold exclusively from Prime Classic Design. Choose from microfiber or Italian leather and even customize your color you want at no additional price! Our modern Italian sectionals are made using the highest quality of European standards for environmental friendliness. These trendy, innovative modern sectionals are uniquely designed for fun, functional and stylish modern home decor.

We do custom colors. Leather and fabric.

We work directly with manufacturers in Europe and Asia to offer unlimited customization and wide selection of designs. Upgrade your living room with these contemporary sectional sofas in leather and fabric. Suede high quality seating will help you create a comfortable lounge space for kids and whole family to enjoy.

Leather sectionals are extremely durable and easy to clean. In addition, we have modular sectionals for additional seating or sofas with an easy-to-use recline mechanisms to make your body into the position of your choice, creating a relaxing recline for all to enjoy. Some have built-in storage console for holding drinks, snacks, or remote controls. Great for family rooms and entertainment centers alike, these sectionals are the meaning of comfort and convenience. Whether you prefer microfiber, fabric, or top-grain leather sectionals, we have a solution.

Cleaning and Maintaining
How to clean... my new sectional
... leather couch?

Prime Leather Care Before getting leather furniture you should realize that it's a pretty expensive investment and you do need to take care of it. In order to keep it in a good shape, you need to clean it regularly. It's very important that you clean and condition your leather furniture at least 2 to 3 times a year, especially the parts that you use the most.

You should keep in mind that leather is very sensitive to the dirt and skin oil that sometimes you can't even see the damage. The leather keeps all the dirt on the back side of it and once there's enough of dirt and oil, it starts seeping to the front. That's why we recommend to use a soft cleaner made specifically for leather. The process is pretty simple: you should squeeze a little cleaner onto a clean sponge and use a circular motion to clean dirt and oil off, and then use a cotton towel to dry it off.

... bonded leather furniture?

The first question that customers start asking is "What is bonded leather?" Bonded leather as you can guess from the name is just an assortment of scraps of leather pressed together with special technique to look like grained leather. Sometimes people think if it's not original genuine leather, it doesn't need to be cared but this is not the case - you do need to take care of it.

You can clean the dirt or skin oil with lukewarm water and a clean cotton towel. The cracks or scratches can be cleaned as well. Dry it with another cotton towel or just let it dry itself. To protect the bonded leather product use the conditioner made specifically for bonded leather and rub over the surface, including cracks and scratches till it's absorbed by the leather.

... microfiber sofa?

One of the most important aspects about microfiber furniture that you need to be aware of is that not all microfiber products can be cleaned with soap and water. Water and soap can damage the product and cause water marks. What you should use in this case is something that would dissolve oils and disappear quickly. Regular soap is good at binding to oils but once you mix it with water, it won't fade for a pretty long time.

Once you determined which type of microfiber you have, you should be able to find a good microfiber product that is made for dry cleaning or removing dirt/oil. Don't use it in large amounts and let the fabric dry after each time you apply it. If you have the emergency and you need to clean a part of your microfiber product immediately, you can use ammonia or clear alcohol (such as vodka). One problem with microfiber is that after cleaning with time it becomes hard. You can use a soft scrub brush or even an old toothbrush and gently rub the hardened part of fabric in this case.

Microsuede Sectionals Sofas

When you have not observed already, since micro-fiber fabric is a lot easier to manufacturer, there exist a wider choice of colors available. It is not so confusing why micro-fiber sectional sofas have emerged a perfect mix of fashion, sophistication and functionality, but selecting a great sofa is a bit more difficult. The explanation for this really is simply the truth you will likely have a broad variety of designs, styles, colors, materials and dimensions from which to choose.

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