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Memory Foam Mattress with Hypoallergenic Fiber from Italy
Furniture Designed in Italy
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Memory Foam Mattress with Hypoallergenic Fiber from Italy

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Furniture Designed in Italy The entire line of Buoninfante mattresses is made respecting the highest international safety standards for both our customers and the people working on their production. All our products are planned and made to be reliable and safe for the customer and are guaranteed with California Test authentication. Gruppo Industriale Buoninfante has extensively researched and designed mattresses which are ergonomic and adaptable to the natural movements of the human body and able to create the best conditions for an energizing, healthy and satisfying sleep. This mattress is made of natural and innovative materials. The core is made of: High Density Foam, able to offer strong support to the entire body, and Memory Foam, able to maintain weight distribution, reduce pressure points, enhance blood circulation, favoring a relaxing sleep. The padding is made of hypoallergenic fiber. The Silver fiber, obtained by a layer of pure silver, joins a textile fiber to create a series of actions: Antistatic dispelling instantly annoying electrostatic charges; Thermoregulated Regulates body temperature retaining the heat generated by the human body and distributing of the same human warmth to the outside in different cases; Antimicrobial silver ions inhibit enzyme activity and multiplication of microbes themselves to extinguish. Anti-odor: It has been proven that the silver fiber has an anti-odor power.

  • Core structure:
  • 1st layer is made of memory foam thermo-sensitive, non-deformable, adaptable
  • 2nd is made of high density foam optimum rigidity
  • Padding: hypoallergenic fibers
  • Cover and side: silver safe antimicrobial, antistatic, thermoregulated, anti-odor
  • Breathable band: facilitate breathability and prevent moisture buildup
  • Handles for easy rotation of mattress
  • Cal King size is a special order from Italy
  • Mattress height: 10"
  • Twin mattress 38" width x 75" length
  • Full-size beds 53" width x 75" length
  • Queen-size is 60" width x 80" length
  • King size 76" width x 80" length
  • California King 72" width x 84" length

...40 years of history - leading Italian company producing mattresses

Industriale Buoninfante S.p.a. is a leading Italian mattress manufacturer located in Salerno, Italy. It was born as a small family-run business and today, after over 40 years of history, is a thriving company and leader in the mattress industry, based on the values of quality and constant improvement. Our mattresses are designed and produced in Italy, using only the finest Italian materials, ensuring excellent product quality and preserving the noble artisan tradition of MADE IN ITALY.

100% hand made production. ItalyOur partnerships with leading manufacturers in the market, allow us to create varied and innovative products. We use only High Quality Foams, which are odorless and safe for the health of our clients, as well as natural, such as foams that are processed using vegetable oils. The levels of healthiness and hygiene are accentuated through the 3D Breathable System, 3D-Plus Breathable Band or Multi-Fresh System. The first one facilitates air to pass through the mattress preventing accumulation of moisture, the new 3D-Plus Band promotes air passage through the pillow top. The third one, allows the mattress to breath through multiple aeration pores and present along the entire perimeter of the mattress. It promotes continuous recycling of air, protecting the mattress from the formation of mites, proliferation and moisture in the environment.

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Memory Foam Mattress with Hypoallergenic Fiber from Italy

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