Alpa Salotti, noble leathers and high level of quality

..founded in 1955 by Mr. Ferri Rocco

ALPA collection in leather and fabric manufactured in our Italian company with more than 50 years of history. Our new furniture style in a contemporary design is addressed to a target of consumers who cares for quality and price. High quality materials with a large range of products, the beauty and the softness of our leather and fabric together with high finishing stiching are the strength of ALPA Plus new collection.

ALPA presents a new generation of upholstered sofas with a metropolitan and evolved project where the technology, the quality of material, the know-how and the tailoring work create the new ideas about the design. With this new project, it has been created not only a new quality in technology, but it has also been reached a new philosophy of good living. A new generation of elements like pouff, island, areas of big dimensions permit to create free composition that you can adopt to live the relax in a dinamic and exclusive way.
This is an exclusive brand. Contact the store for more information.
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